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Wedding/Love Affirmation/Blessing Ceremonies

Interfaith, Non-denominational Minister and Wedding Officiant, Assisting individuals in unifying friends, family and community through ceremony.

We are available via video chat, email, and or in person. We assist in building the ceremony, writing vows and customize each ceremony to the units/couples specifications. 

It is always an honor to solidify a union of 2 individuals through ceremony. If you are looking for someone that will customize your services, assist you in building your vows and who is mindful or your space, time and energy, reach out, lets chat. 

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Phone: 347-565-5319

E-mail: patricia@inaraspassage.com


Providing Support service to individuals throughout the childbearing year and beyond.

A doula is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical and informational support to the individuals expecting, experiencing labor, or has recently given birth. 

The doula’s purpose is to assist people in having the kind of birth experience that they envision.

We Assist all clients, those seeking natural childbirth, vaginal births after c-sections (VBACs), individuals  planning to have epidurals, high-risk clients, mothers having twins, and  or people having c-sections.

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"Freedom of choice isn't just about abortion, it should also be about the freedom to birth where and how you want to."

Childbirth Education

Facilitating classes for individuals that assist them in building an understanding around how the body works during labor and birth. 
 Evidenced Based, Person centered, group or individual Labor and childbirth prep. 

Infant Feeding Orientation and Hospital/Home Preparation.