How long have you been in the business of wellness?  
Wellness is my life, as an ordained minister I believe that we need to achieve a balance between mind, body and spirit. As such, I have over 15 years of experience in health and wellness as a community health educator for 5+ years, a social/emotional counselor since 2010, and I am a fitness instructor and childbirth educator.

♦ Do you offer packages?
Yes, we do. Please refer to Packages & Fees for more details. 


♦ How long have you been presiding over ceremonies/officiating weddings?
I have been a minister for four years, presiding over house blessings, baby blessings/dedications/christenings and performing wedding ceremonies.

♦ Where do you officiate weddings?
Currently I work within the NYC Metro area, Connecticut and New Jersey. If you are having a destination wedding we can discuss options.

♦ Do you stay for the reception?
If that is required, we can discuss it during the consultation meeting.


 Do you teach a particular parenting approach?  
As parenting is an ongoing individual process it is my belief that those who take on such an endeavor are the experts for their process. I work with people to assist them in fine tuning what works for them. We will work together to review evidence based practices and its application to their life.

 How do you guide or coach parents-to-be into their roles?
I work with people where they are at emotionally, socially, and mentally. A first time parent is different than someone that has multiple children. It’s important that acclimation into parenting doesn’t solely come from a book, but from the beliefs of the individual with guidance and support by the professional. My degree doesn’t determine your outcome you do, we can work together to build that.

 How much time do you spend with a family?
As the needs of people are as different as they are we work together to determine the amount of time needed to support them through their process.